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After choosing the required product, the appropriate payment method is selected, and then the information required for payment is entered. In the case of online payment, you will be directed to the secure payment page to enter your credit card information. When paying in cash, the delivery date and payment will be scheduled upon receipt.

Yes, you can get an invoice for your purchase from Zan. The invoice will be sent electronically to your e-mail after the purchase, and you can also find the invoice when logging into your account on the Zan website. You must keep a copy of the invoice as proof of your purchase and to guarantee your rights as a consumer .

Yes, Zane offers discounts and discounts on prices on a regular basis, within the framework of special offers and seasonal sales, and sometimes a discount code is provided that can be used when purchasing through the website. You can also get special offers and discounts by subscribing and following their accounts on social networking sites. Customers are advised to review the Zan website and its social networking sites periodically to know the latest offers and discounts available.

Zan provides multiple payment methods for international shipments, including payment via approved international credit cards such as Visa , MasterCard and American Express , as well as payment via PayPal and international bank transfer. It is important to note that some of the available payment methods may require the payment of additional fees, which may vary between countries according to local legislation and regulations. Therefore, customers are advised to check the fees related to the payment and the terms of each payment method before completing the purchase and making payments for international shipments.

No, no additional fees are charged when paying online via the electronic payment gateways available on the Zan website. However, please be aware that some transaction fees may be applied to the payment card issuing bank or bank transfer receiving bank, which may differ between banks according to their policies and agreed terms. Therefore, customers are advised to check the payment policies and terms of their banks before making online payments.

Yes, Zain offers installment options upon purchase for some selected products, whereby the installment period and the associated interest are determined based on the total value of the product and the desired repayment range. It is possible to take advantage of the installment service when purchasing by contacting the customer service team for more information and specifying the details of that, knowing that some terms and conditions are applied to this service in accordance with the company’s policy and the policies of the banks participating in this service.

You can pay when purchasing Zan products through several means, including cash on delivery, electronic payment via the Internet using credit or direct debit cards, or via bank transfers. All these options are provided to meet customer needs and provide maximum convenience and security in payment.