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Yes, you can obtain legal advice regarding Zane services by contacting the customer service team, and you will be directed to the appropriate official to answer your questions and provide the necessary advice.

Yes, we at Zan care about providing after-sales services to our customers and always strive to ensure their complete satisfaction. After-sales services are provided by a trained and qualified team to deal with any problem that our customers may encounter after purchase. These services include repairing defective or damaged products, providing advice and guidance necessary to improve product performance and development, in addition to providing the necessary spare parts.

Yes, we at Zan Furniture Company in Damietta provide a purchase invoice to all our customers when purchasing products from us. The invoice includes all details of the products purchased, amounts paid and any additional services such as delivery or taxes. The customer can use this invoice as evidence for any warranty or after-sales services provided by the company in connection with the purchased products.

A warranty is provided on the installation services provided by Zan. If you encounter any problem with the installation process or find any problem, please contact our customer service team ASAP. It should be noted that these guarantees differ according to the services and products, and the guarantee conditions must be reviewed before starting the installation process.


Yes, Zan guarantees all products purchased from the store. The warranty period is provided according to the type of product and supplier, and ranges from 6 months to 5 years. The warranty includes the free replacement or repair of products with defects in workmanship or performance. Warranty services are provided by our customer service team, and the purchase invoice must be kept as proof when using warranty services.


Maintenance and Care

Yes, you can get home maintenance service. Our maintenance team has the experience and competence to perform in-house maintenance and provide appropriate solutions to the various problems that your furniture may face. You can contact us to schedule a visit for our technicians to perform the required maintenance at your place of residence.


The time required to perform the maintenance process depends on the type of service required and the amount of work required by the furniture. The period of time required for maintenance is usually determined after evaluating the actual condition of the furniture and determining the type of service required. We work hard to provide fast and efficient service to our customers, as maintenance is scheduled as quickly as possible in line with your schedule.

Yes, certain parts of the furniture can be replaced with new ones. In the event that a part of the furniture is damaged or broken, you can contact our technical service team and provide them with a picture of the damaged part to assess the condition and determine the possibility of repairing or replacing it with a new part. After confirming the availability of the replacement part, it will be installed by our technical service team in the best possible way.

You can follow some simple tips to maintain the quality of your furniture for a longer period, such as:


  1. Clean the furniture regularly using materials specific to the type of furniture and the materials used in its manufacture.


  1. Avoid placing furniture in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight and excessive moisture.


  1. Avoid using strong detergents and rough washcloths that may damage the surface of the furniture.


  1. Cover furniture with protective covers when not in use for long periods.


Moreover, you can get specific recommendations for the care of your furniture by contacting our customer service at Zan Furniture Company in Damietta.


Dear customer, the cost of our maintenance services varies according to the type of furniture and the nature of the service required. Therefore, please contact our customer service team to get more information about the cost of maintenance and also to schedule a visit to a maintenance technician if necessary. You can call us at (INSERT PHONE NUMBER) or visit one of our branches for more assistance. Thank you for choosing Zan Furniture Company.


We offer many maintenance services to clients to help maintain the quality of furniture and to assure complete customer satisfaction. Some of the maintenance services we provide include:


1 - Arranging the furniture: The furniture is arranged at the location specified by the customer, after dismantling and wrapping the furniture and delivering it to the specified place .


2 - Furniture maintenance: We provide maintenance services for damaged, dirty or corroded furniture, thanks to a highly trained maintenance team .


3 - Changing the fabric: The customer can request the service of changing the fabric of his furniture, which includes providing a new fabric and changing the old fabric .


4 - Furniture polishing: The customer can request his own furniture polishing service, which includes polishing the furniture and removing scratches, stains and marks .


5 - Furniture repair: In the event of any damages or fractures in the furniture, the customer can request a furniture repair service, which includes repairing the fractures and partial replacement of the damaged pieces .


We strive to provide the best furniture maintenance service to customers and ensure their complete satisfaction. .


You can get furniture care and maintenance services by calling our customer service team and requesting maintenance and repair services. You can also visit one of our branches and request the required services from the workers there. We guarantee quality service and customer satisfaction in all of our services. You can also view the guarantees and services available to us on our website or in our stores.


Installation and assembly

Unfortunately, return requests cannot be accepted after the specified return period, but please contact customer service to submit any product-related issues after this period .


Products will usually be exchanged at the same address to which the original product was shipped. However, if you have to change the exchange address to a different one, you must contact our Customer Service to arrange this and ensure that the exchanged product is delivered correctly as per your order. In some cases additional costs may apply to change of delivery address.


Yes, usually the customer must keep the original packaging of the product upon return. This is required to ensure the best protection of the product during the shipping and storage process. In the event of a product recovery, the product must be returned in the same condition, with all its accessories, original packaging and accompanying documents. Therefore, the customer is advised to keep the original packaging box of the product and return it with the product in case of return.


We are keen to provide high quality products to our customers, but in the event of any problem in the product that may be caused by manufacturing defects or damage during shipment, we provide a fast and effective replacement service for damaged products. Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible to inform them of the problem and request a replacement. The necessary instructions for the replacement process will be provided, and the damaged product must be returned in the event that a refund is desired. .


The policy for paying shipping costs for returned products varies from one store to another, and you can check the return policy of the Zane Furniture Services store to see if they cover the shipping costs for returned products or not. If shipping costs are not covered, you may have to pay shipping costs to return the product to the store. These terms and conditions must be explained in the store's return policy.


Yes, the product can be replaced with another product of the same category during the return period, which depends on the return policy in force in the company. You must ensure that all terms and requirements in the return policy are followed before any exchange is made. The customer must pay any price difference if the replaced products differ in price.


Yes, you can get a full refund if the product does not meet the specifications mentioned on the website or if there is any problem with the product. In the event that the return is due to your personal desire to cancel the order prior to delivery, the amount paid will be refunded excluding shipping charges that may apply. Please note that the product must be returned in its original condition and without any damage or use before accepting a refund.


Zan Store allows its customers to return or exchange purchased products within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receiving the product, provided that the product is in its original and unused condition and includes all accessories and papers attached to it. Refunds are processed using the same payment method as the purchase, while exchange requests are handled by our customer service team


Yes, customers can return or exchange the product if it does not meet the specifications or if there is any problem with the product. The customer must communicate with the Zan customer service team within a specified period (usually 14 days) from the date of receiving the product and provide them with the information necessary to provide the service, including a picture of the product, the invoice, and the order details. Return or replacement procedures are arranged in accordance with Zain's return and exchange policy, which varies according to the type of product and purchase conditions. Please review the Zan website or contact our customer service team for more details on the return and exchange policy.


Yes, your order can be canceled after it has been confirmed before being delivered to you. Please contact Zan Furniture Services customer service at the number specified on the company's website to submit a request for change or cancellation. Contact should be made as soon as possible to ensure that the order has not already been delivered to the courier or delivery address.

Please note that there are some restrictions and conditions related to changing or canceling the order, which you must be aware of when placing the order.

The purchase order can be modified after confirmation if the customer service team at Zan website is contacted within 24 hours of confirming the order to amend it. The customer must contact the team via email or phone and provide them with the order number and new details to amend the order.


The team must be contacted before the order is shipped to confirm the possibility of modification. Order modification policies may vary depending on the product type and condition.

The return policy at Zan Furniture Store depends on the type of product and the reason for return. If the products you want to return are in good condition and not used yet, you can contact our customer service within 14 days from the date of delivery and request a refund due to poor quality or any technical problem .


However , you should be aware that some products that have been opened and installed cannot be refunded due to hygienic reasons or because they lose their commercial value after being used. You can check the detailed return policy at Zan Furniture according to the type of product you wish to return .


You must also return the product in its original condition and bear the shipping cost in the event that the product is returned due to poor quality or technical defect, while you will be charged additional shipping fees if you want to return the product due to your own choice or change your mind after confirming the order.

Yes, you can install the product yourself if you wish, but you must ensure that you are able to do so correctly and safely. You can get installation instructions through the user manual that comes with the product or by watching the video tutorials that some suppliers provide on their websites. You can also purchase the necessary mounting hardware for this. However, if you are unable to install the product yourself, you may request installation service from the manufacturer or reseller at an additional cost .

The product is installed on the same day of delivery if an installation schedule is available and a different installation date has not been agreed upon in advance. However, please note that in some cases it may be difficult to have an installation schedule available on the same day due to the number of requests or the unavailability of an installer in the specified area. In these cases, an agreement is made with the customer on a suitable date for the installation of the product.

The way products are installed depends on the type of product and its level of difficulty. The products usually come with their own installation instruction manual, which contains step-by-step instructions to install the products correctly. Some products can be easily installed with the help of one person, while the installation of some products requires the help of two or more people and special tools .

An installation service may be provided by the furniture company itself, in which case an appointment will be set for the arrival of the trained work team to properly install the products at the location that has been specified. It is important to ensure that sufficient space is provided and to remove any potential obstacles that may hinder the installation process, and to ensure that the place where the products will be installed complies with the specifications and dimensions specified for each product. .

Yes, Zan provides installation services for all products sold through its website, and no additional fees are charged for these services. Assembly fees are included in the price of the final product to be paid upon purchase.

Yes , Zan offers installation services for purchased products through a team specialized in installation. You can choose this service when completing your purchase on the site. A suitable date and time for the installation will be determined, and the specialized team will contact you to arrange the necessary details for the installation.


You can know the status of your request through your account on the Zane Furniture Services website. Once you are logged into your account, you can click on the pickup truck icon to see the status of your order. You will be shown information about the date of the order, the products ordered, the status of the delivery and its current location. You can also track your order with the shipment tracking number that will be sent to you via email after order confirmation. You can also contact our customer service team to inquire about the status of your order if you have any questions or concerns.

Yes, you can easily change your Zan Furniture Services account password. You must log into your account, then click on the "Change Password " link on the Account Settings page. Next, you have to enter your current account password , and then enter and confirm a new password. The new password must be strong and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols for enhanced security. After doing so, your new password is securely saved in your Zan Furniture Services account.

Yes, Zan cares about the privacy of its customers and ensures that their personal information is kept safe and secure. Zan uses advanced security technologies and procedures to protect customer data and maintain its confidentiality. Zan adheres to strict security standards and follows best security practices to ensure that customer data is protected from unauthorized access and illegal or unethical use.

Yes, you can track your orders through your Zan Furniture Services account. Once you're logged into your account, you can click on the "My Orders " page to see the status of your current orders and track their shipping movements. You can also manage and change your account data and manage payment and shipping information through your account in Zan Furniture Services.

Products can be ordered from the Zan website easily by following the following steps:

1.       Register on the site using your email and create a new account.

2.       Browse the site and choose the products you want to buy, then add them to your shopping cart .

3.       Once you have selected all the products you wish to purchase, press the "Pay" button and you will be directed to the payment page.

4.       Enter your credit card information or use one of the other payment options, such as online payment services.

5.       Once the payment is completed, your order will be confirmed and the products will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

6.       It is also possible to order through the Zan application on the mobile phone by downloading the application on the appropriate application store for your              device, and following the same steps mentioned above.

Yes, you can cancel your Zan Furniture Services account at any time. You just have to contact customer service via email or phone and request to cancel your account. Please note that once your account is cancelled, all your data and information including order history, payment details and address will be deleted. Also, please note that account termination may affect access to some services and special offers that are only available to registered users.

You can easily change your account information in Zane Furniture Services, as you can update your personal information through your account page on the site. When you are logged into your account, click on the "Account " button and choose "Edit Profile" to edit your data, such as name, email address, address and phone number. After you have finished updating the data, click the "Save Changes " button to apply the changes to your account. You must ensure that all new information you add is correct and up-to-date to ensure that the Products are delivered to the correct place.

No, creating an account on the Zan Furniture Services website is free and does not require any fees. Anyone who wants to benefit from the furniture services provided on the Zan website can create an account easily and without any cost. The account can be used to log in, track orders, get exclusive offers and other benefits that the site provides to its users.

You can create an account in Zan Furniture Services by entering the Zan website and pressing the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the home page, then clicking on “Create a new account” and filling out the form with the required information, and confirming the account through the e-mail that will be sent to you. You can also create a Zan account during the purchase process by clicking on "Login" on the payment page and selecting "Create a new account". You can use this account to track the status of your orders and store delivery addresses and payment settings for easy purchases at a later time.


You can get special offers or discounts on products on the Zan website through several methods. First, you can view the offers and discounts page on the site to learn about the updates of new and exclusive offers and discounts.

Zain promotional discount codes that can be entered at checkout can also be used to get a discount on the total price of purchases. These codes can be obtained through websites that offer offers and discounts for Zan .

Finally, special offers and discounts can be found out by contacting the Zazan customer service team, where it is possible to inquire about the current and special offers available that can be taken advantage of.

Yes, you can customize the products offered on the Zan website with certain specifications, and this is done by selecting the options available on the product page, which may include colors, sizes, materials the product is made of, and others. In the event that the options you are looking for are not available, you can contact the customer service team to submit a special request and specify the required specifications, and you will be answered immediately to clarify the possibility of providing the desired product with the required specifications.


If your product is out of warranty duration, you will be responsible for the repair cost. We suggest that you repair the product at a service center authorized by the manufacturer for better quality services

   If your product is within warranty duration and is damaged by mechanical or electrical systems, you don't have to worry about the repairing cost. You will be covered.

       On the product page, on the right of the product, there is a field for warranty.
If the product has a warranty, this field will be filled with the duration as shown below

zan works with the best suppliers and vendors to provide the best and affordable products to its customers.
Sometimes, things may go wrong with these products. Luckily, be sure that our brands are committed to our customers 
as much as we are. They show that commitment through warranties.
The warranty ensures that if anything goes wrong, that is not the customer's fault, your product may be repaired
or may be replaced.
Warranty is available on selected brands and products.

Shipping and Delivery

Yes, the condition of the product is carefully checked before shipment to ensure that it is delivered in good condition and suitable for use. If any quality or manufacturing problem is discovered, we will contact the customer to inform them of this and take the necessary steps.


Yes, you can change the delivery date by contacting our customer service team well in advance of the specified delivery date, and the shipping team will arrange a new date that suits you. It should be noted that this may result in a change in the final delivery date due to scheduling a new delivery schedule.


Dear customer, the shipping cost is calculated based on the weight and size of the product and the shipping address. You can check the shipping cost by adding the products you want to buy to the cart and specifying your shipping address, and the shipping cost will be displayed upon exiting the cart page. You can also contact customer service to obtain more information about shipping costs and available shipping methods .


Yes, the products are shipped to all cities and governorates in Egypt. The shipping cost is determined based on the size of the product and the shipping distance, and the shipping cost varies from one place to another. Please contact the company to find out more information about shipping costs and the expected duration of product delivery in the required city or province .


You can order a product from the Zan website by following these steps:

Go to the website and browse the available products.

Choose the desired product and add it to the cart.

Log in or create a new account.

Enter delivery and payment data.

Confirm the order and await shipment confirmation.

The products ordered through Zaan Furniture Services are usually delivered within 3-5 working days in Greater Cairo Governorate, while delivery to other governorates in Egypt may take around 5-7 working days. However, be aware that this duration can be affected by circumstances beyond our control, such as weather conditions and problems with transportation

Delivery and delivery details must be provided upon order confirmation, including the expected delivery date and shipping company to be used. In the event that the products are later than expected, the customer service team can be contacted to know the status of the order and ensure that it arrives safely.


Yes, the products are shipped to areas outside Cairo in Egypt, and customers in those areas can shop and take advantage of the available delivery services. Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on the region to which the product is shipped, and may be affected by circumstances beyond our control such as weather, weather conditions, and geographical conditions. Therefore, it is advised to check the shipping and delivery details available in each region through the Zan website or contact the customer service team before purchasing to obtain more accurate information.


Products are shipped from Zan by reliable shipping partners, such as air, sea and land carriers. The right partners are selected according to the country of destination and the quality of the products sent. The shipping process involves packaging the products in a safe and sound manner to ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation, and customers are provided with tracking information to track the status and location of the shipment in real time. Customers can choose from various shipping options available to us, including fast and economical shipping services .


If the product is damaged during shipment, Zan usually provides its customers with a return and refund or exchange service in the event that the product is defective or damaged during the shipping process. However, it is important to check Zane's refund and exchange policy before purchasing, as the terms and conditions for return and exchange are determined by the company.  

In the event that the product is damaged during shipment, you must contact Zaan customer service immediately and inform them of the problem. They will ask you to provide them with information about the order and the damaged product and may ask you to attach photos of the damaged product to confirm the damage. After verifying the problem, the return of the product and refund or exchange with another product will be arranged according to the company's policy.

You should contact customer service as soon as possible in order to be able to take the necessary procedures and obtain compensation for the damaged product.


After choosing the required product, the appropriate payment method is selected, and then the information required for payment is entered. In the case of online payment, you will be directed to the secure payment page to enter your credit card information. When paying in cash, the delivery date and payment will be scheduled upon receipt.

Yes, you can get an invoice for your purchase from Zan. The invoice will be sent electronically to your e-mail after the purchase, and you can also find the invoice when logging into your account on the Zan website. You must keep a copy of the invoice as proof of your purchase and to guarantee your rights as a consumer .

Yes, Zane offers discounts and discounts on prices on a regular basis, within the framework of special offers and seasonal sales, and sometimes a discount code is provided that can be used when purchasing through the website. You can also get special offers and discounts by subscribing and following their accounts on social networking sites. Customers are advised to review the Zan website and its social networking sites periodically to know the latest offers and discounts available.

Zan provides multiple payment methods for international shipments, including payment via approved international credit cards such as Visa , MasterCard and American Express , as well as payment via PayPal and international bank transfer. It is important to note that some of the available payment methods may require the payment of additional fees, which may vary between countries according to local legislation and regulations. Therefore, customers are advised to check the fees related to the payment and the terms of each payment method before completing the purchase and making payments for international shipments.

No, no additional fees are charged when paying online via the electronic payment gateways available on the Zan website. However, please be aware that some transaction fees may be applied to the payment card issuing bank or bank transfer receiving bank, which may differ between banks according to their policies and agreed terms. Therefore, customers are advised to check the payment policies and terms of their banks before making online payments.

Yes, Zain offers installment options upon purchase for some selected products, whereby the installment period and the associated interest are determined based on the total value of the product and the desired repayment range. It is possible to take advantage of the installment service when purchasing by contacting the customer service team for more information and specifying the details of that, knowing that some terms and conditions are applied to this service in accordance with the company’s policy and the policies of the banks participating in this service.

You can pay when purchasing Zan products through several means, including cash on delivery, electronic payment via the Internet using credit or direct debit cards, or via bank transfers. All these options are provided to meet customer needs and provide maximum convenience and security in payment.

Order & Returns