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(Zan Cookies Policy)


🔘We at Zan for Service respect customer privacy and consider it a top priority. Therefore, we use cookies on our website to improve user experience and analyze website usage. This policy explains how we use cookies and how we respect customers' privacy.

 What are cookies: 

Cookies are small text files that are saved on a user's device when they visit a website.

The function of cookies is to store information about user preferences, usage history and to analyze behavior on the site.


🔘Types of cookies used by Zan: We use several types of cookies on our website, including:


Essential Cookies: These are used to operate the website and save user preferences.

Analytical cookies:They are used to analyze the use of the website and to determine related statistics.

Advertising cookies: These are used to personalize ads and select ads that are appropriate for the user.


How we use cookies: 

We use cookies on our site to improve user experience and analyze site usage. Cookies are used on the site to analyze data and to determine statistics related to users, this helps us to improve user experience and customize services and content based on users' interests. We also use cookies to improve site performance and to identify and fix technical problems.


🔘Control over cookies: 

The user can control cookies via browser settings, where the user can disable or delete cookies in whole or in part. However, you should be aware that disabling cookies can affect your user experience on the site.


🔘Privacy Rights: 

We respect the privacy rights of users, and we are committed to treating users' personal information with care and respect. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed for more details on how we collect and use users' personal information.


🔘Changes to our Cookie Policy: 

We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time, and will notify users of any material changes to the policy. Please check this page periodically for any updates.


🔘Contact us: 

If you have any questions or concerns about our cookie policy

Us, please contact our customer service team via email or phone, and you will be answered as soon as possible.


🔘In conclusion:

 we value users' trust in us and we pledge to protect their privacy and provide a safe and professional user experience. Thank you for visiting Zan Furniture Service website.